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Controlling Fleas in Dogs

If you are to control fleas in your pets effectively, then it has to be done both inside and outside of your home. This is why flea control for dogs is seen as an aggressive process. Wherever you find you dog lying throughout the day, these are the important places that you need to vacuum daily. You vacuum bags have to be disposed of properly by putting them inside a plastic bag and throwing them outside in the garbage cans. This type of cleaning has to be done regularly and vacuum the places where the dog frequently stays daily. Larvae eggs and fleas can be killed with a cleaning product which comes in powders, sprays, and foggers. You need to wash your dog’s beddings each week and treat the place where the dog sleeps with flea spray. Any where you pet stays should be cleaned including your car, pet crate, garage, and other places where he hangs out.

A flea can survive without our food for about a week. The live to stay in places which are organic and shaded. If there are many fallen leaves in your garden, then it is a sure place where these fleas nest. Sweep out all the leaves lying in your garden and treat the favorite places where you dog spends most time on. You can treat your yard with environmentally friendly products.

Of course, you also need to treat your dog. There are many forms of dog flea treatment. There are treatments that you apply behind the dog’s head that can kill fleas. The reason for the location is so that the dogs won’t be able to lick it. This way, the solution can work better. If the fleas make contact with the solution then it will kill them instantly. If you use a flea spray, then it can be used directly on our dogs fur You only need to lightly spray its fur in a well ventilated place. The whole body should be sprayed but not including the face. For you dog’s face, use cotton balls to apply the spray but make sure it does not go to its eyes.

Full immersion is how flea dips are used. The flea dip will come with complete instructions which you should follow carefully. If you take your dog to the vet, he can better administer the flea dip to your pet. If you want to get rid of live fleas you can also use dog shampoo. Don’t rinse the shampoo immediately, but let it stay for a few minutes. If you are going to use flea collars, the dog should wear it a bit loosely. You need to trim the collar according to size.

It is important to be diligent when practicing flea control in dogs. Consult with your vet if your flea treatments have not been successful in treating the flea problem in your dog.

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